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Pandemic Legacy: Briefing


We’ll be chronicling our progress as we play Pandemic Legacy.


Here’s our startup info:

We named the diseases after these internationally-themed Lays chips:

Brazilian Picanarhea
Schezuan Chicken Pox
Tikka MaSars

Here are our starting team:


No one likes Kev. Kev refers to himself in third person. Kev does crossfit. Kev will add any suffix to his own name. Kev is a bro without limits. That said, Kev is very good at his job, which is his only redeeming quality. It’s hard to understand how this deep compassion for the well-being of those suffering incorporates into the rest of his horrible personality. But that’s Kev.

General List

Surely General List has a first name, but no one knows what that is. Surely General List had a childhood, but no one knows where that happened, or what it was like. Surely General List is not a highly advanced cyborg… right? The only thing we know for certain about General List is that no one hate Kev more.


Bubbly and optimistic, Penny’s penchant for horoscopes and celebrity gossip don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist. Perhaps this unique perspective is precisely why she is able to bring creative solutions to the table. After beginning a successful career in pharmaceutical sales (after an unsuccessful career as an actress) Penny chose to become a scientist, like her husband Leonard.

Jemma Simmons

As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma does not have much time to devote to the Pandemic Team. Though the role was only meant to serve as her civilian cover, she cant resist the temptation to help cure the world’s most aggressive diseases in her downtime.

Discovering just how much was in the box was a surprise. Of course, a lot of those things would remain a surprise until we actually played. There were Dossiers:

A ludicrous amount of stickers:
All plastic pieces, the regular cards and an extra deck with a cautionary STOP:
And finally, a whole next of secret boxes. Like kids on Christmas we shook each one to glean info about it’s contents, and they were wildly inconsistent.  Some were heavy, some were light, some were loud, some were silent.


We’ll be continuing to chronicle our playthrough for this game under the tag Pandemic Legacy, which will be full of spoilers. Knowing what happens will make the game a little less exciting, but it won’t ruin the experience. We’re already thinking we’ll buy it again.

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GameDay Recap 8/14


The weather restructured our day a bit, so we started with games instead of brewing first. We played the next month in Pandemic Legacy, which went about how we expected.

After leaving the world in peril, Aaron and Jason began brewing beer and the rest of us tried out Escape: the curse of the temple. Escape is a fast paced, co-op, dice rolling, tile laying game. Yes, there is a lot going on, and you have only 10 minutes – 10 real world minutes – to make it out. It’s a loud and stressful frenzy, as we tried to devise strategies and cooperate on the fly. There’s a good chance that at any one time we were not playing the game correctly, but that did not diminish the fun we had.


A photo posted by Markus Funke (@kindimmanne) on Jun 5, 2015 at 2:40pm PDT

There are five different icons on your d6: a man, a torch, a key, a black mask, and a gold mask. The man, torch, and key all help you to explore the temple and ultimately escape. The black mask locks your die when rolled, and can only be unlocked with a gold mask. If you end up rolling all black dice, another player has to come to your rescue. If they are too far away, or if everyone is locked, a gem is added to your load, making it harder to escape the temple.

At certain points, everyone has to return to the main room. The game comes with a soundtrack that also works as you timer. Plenty of remixes have been made online. We like the yackety sax version, which was easier to make out while we were shouting.

It’s a great game to play  as a break in-between longer games, because of the fixed length and quick action. It seems like it could have been a micro game, but comes in a huge box. It’s also a little more expensive than I expected, but it’s unique and has a lot of replay value. There are also expansions to help add variety once you have your temple-escaping down to a science.

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GameDay Recap: 7/17

The Legacy awaits us, and we aspire to be the greatest epidemiologist the game Pandemic has ever seen. Trouble is, we lose. Often.

Once again we tried to eradicate four scourges plaguing our planet:

  • North America and Europe: A Case of the Mondays
    • Represented in Blue, the first world is suffering from a #firstworldproblem: A Case of the Mondays. Productivity has suffered, leading to a downturn in all financial markets as everyone calls in sick once a week. With the increased workload facing citizens after a long weekend, A Case of the Mondays has begun to threaten Tuesday, creating a side effect known as Terrible Tuesday.
  • The Middle East: S.V.E.N.
    • Represented in Black, S.V.E.N. stands for SaccharViro EnteroNoctorexia. This virus remains dormant in sugar until it is ingested, then becomes active in the infected person’s small intestine. The virus causes the infected to crave more (infected) sugar, with these cravings strongest at night. Coincidentally, the first known case was in a man named Sven: Swedish photographer Sven Prim. Though it is believed he contracted the disease elsewhere, he was treated while shooting source images for a Samsung ad in Yemen and it has plagued the Middle East ever since.
  • South America and Africa: Backyard Uranitis
    • Represented in Yellow, Backyard Uranitis is a disease contracted by peeing in one’s backyard. Obviously this disease is only contracted by men. Though women could contract this disease, they rarely do as women generally have no desire to pee outside. It is easily the most preventable of the diseases we face today, but men ignorantly continue urinating outdoors when there are PERFECTLY GOOD TOILETS INSIDE.
  • Asia and Australia: I Can’t Think of Anything Funny
    • Yes, it sounds like a joke, but this disease is no laughing matter. Represented in Red, I Can’t Think of Anything Funny is a very serious type of depression, where no humorous thoughts can be generated in the patient’s brain. Though Asia, and more specifically Japan, have had historically high suicide rates, this was previously attributed to cultural and societal pressures. We now know that when this condition flares, all joy is removed, the cruelty of the human existence becomes too much to bear, and the suffers feel that suicide is their only option. J.K. Rowling has recently revealed that this disease was her inspiration for the Dementors in Harry Potter.

Do we have what it takes to save humanity? Our team of four rose to meet the challenge of keeping four diseases at bay while discovering their cures:

  • Jason, Operations Expert
  • Kellye, Quarantine Specialist
  • Aaron, Researcher
  • Adam, Dispatcher

The fate of humanity is in our hands!

We started strong, and with a stream of non-stop #mondaymotivation tweets were able to cure and eradicate A Case of the Mondays.
Though we eradicated A Case of the Mondays, a depressive rash of I Can’t Think of Anything Funny broke out in the East.
Backyard Uranitis remained highly active in Santiago, while SVEN continued to plague the Middle East. It is believed SVEN’s foothold in the area increased during Ramadan, due to post-sundown binge eating.
Despite advancements in disease outbreak forecasting, Delhi was overwhelmed by SVEN. Restaurant discovery websites such as Zomato and saw an unrepresented rise in Delhi dessert searches.
We cured Backyard Uranitus, but were struggling to overcome the remaining diseases. Applause erupted when we were able to avoid a cascade of outbreaks.
We strategized diligently to eliminate SVEN. Though it served to hone our skills, we unintentionally stumbled into the cure.
Time was running out as I Can’t Think of Anything Funny continued to ravage Asia. We scrambled to contain the outbreaks, and managed to discover a last minute cure.