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New Branding (and new Podcast!)

We’ve been busy giving all things Variant Hex a refresh as we’ve taken on a new endeavor: Our own podcast!

You can listen online and or from the podcast section of Board Game Geek.

You can also find us on most major podcast apps by searching for “Board Games with Variant Hex”.

We have no ads, no format, and no schedule – but we’ve already released over 20 episodes! We wanted to make sure we enjoyed creating these episodes before we shared them. Additionally, since we have no format, we wanted to create a variety of episodes so that anyone who might be interested in listening would have a good sampling of what to expect.

We have no intentions to ever monetize the podcast. Gaming has reinforced our friendship, and kept us close and connected as our lives, and the world, have changed in the last couple years. We just wanted to create it to capture our own conversations about games and add our voices to so many others who celebrate this hobby!

As you may notice, we also have a new logo and new branding! We use Canva for just about everything we make, with occasional assistance from Photoshop. We’ve made logos for each of us, with icons that represent our play styles:

Aaron is straightforward, and finds the fastest ways to earn points and win games.
Adam is always looking to the horizon, finding fringe strategies that are hard to beat.
Jason is able to see the gears below the surface, cutting through the chaos.
Kellye is tactical, and is most likely to make the best move in the moment.

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