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Pandemic Legacy Season 1: Rebooted

Years ago, we started playing Pandemic Legacy. Despite our enthusiastic start, we slowed to a halt by April. The game has sat untouched as two more Pandemic Legacy games were released. As vaccines became available for our real-word pandemic, a couple of us got the idea to celebrate our final month of seclusion by playing through ALL the Pandemic Legacy games.

We have a few things going in our favor for this second attempt: We have a preview of what will happen in the first season, which may help us get off to a faster start. And, just two of us will be playing this time (Kellye and Aaron only). We also have the benefit of knowing the play times and number of games from others, such as Dice Tower and Brothers Murph. We won’t attempt to detail every month played in the interest of time. We’ll just post our thoughts at the start and end of each season.

It’s been a long year (as far as we are concerned, 2020 started in last March and is just now ending). As we schedule our first vaccination shots, we are looking forward to gaming in person again. Playing online has helped us stay connected, and even brought us closer. Once life opens back up, we may find ourselves with less time to play Tabletop Simulator or aimlessly chat on Discord. For example, Kellye and Aaron were able to play their entire collection in just 3 months. We can’t imagine that happening in 2019. Before we know it, we’ll all be thrown back into obligations and expectations that have been suspended for a year. There’s certainly lots of changes coming around the corner, but for now we’ve got a world to save (thrice).

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