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Worm Month

"We’ve been humans doing human things for a whole nine months of this year and frankly, we want it to stop." — Quintin Smith

The spring pandemic has spanned far beyond it’s expected reach, blazing into summer and settling deep into fall. For us, this has created an uneasy warping of our standard lives, with half of our existence frozen in time while the other half changes completely. It feels like ages ago when we were celebrating Leap Day and playing Clank Legacy together.

The last couple months we’ve found ourselves busy managing late-activating effects of the pandemic. We’ve been helping family members move, most of us have had jobs both disappear and be replaced, and we’ve experienced countless other events that have exhausted our capacities. And this has turned us, to borrow a phrase from Shut Up and Sit Down, into worms.

"We’re going to stop doing human things, because, well, we’ll be worms." — Tom Brewster

We began to wormify earlier this month, and while we have continued some board game activities from our various wormy… burrows(?) we haven’t captured any of this game play – not here on the blog, and not on boardgamegeek, bgstats app, or Instagram. We did briefly re-humanize to enjoy AwShux!? last weekend and pick up a few new games at Target. We watched streams, played games, and generally reveled in the joys of having arms and doing things. We even continued non-worming for a few extra days. But now, the wormification has reached its final stages, and this state will endure until sometime next month.

"Say goodbye to your limbs, your worries, and your responsibilities." — Matt Lees

And in that future month, we are considering some very un-wormy activities: more activity on Instagram with a push to top 1k followers, logging every single one of our plays, trying out a new review system, and maybe even a podcast! But, those decidedly un-wormy events are still at least a couple weeks away. Until then, we encourage you to focus on your health and wellness. Take all the worm time you need to recharge, renew, and refocus to finish out your human year.

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