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Countdown to Gen Con 2020: 110- 101

We’ll soon be leaving three digits behind and we sink below 100 days to go! We’re still keeping a close eye on Gen Con’s COVID page, and will adjust our countdown if they are forced to postpone. We’re wondering how different Gen Con and other conventions will be this year… only time will tell. For now, we continue to #stayhome and play games!

Games Featured:

Banagrams, Coup, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and Monopoly Gamer are some of our favorite party games. They are quick to teach and can accommodate many players. We’ve had some disagreements while playing traditional Monopoly, but have enjoyed the Gamer edition more than we expected. We searched lots of local stores before breaking down and buying the rest of the power packs from Amazon.

Machi Koro, Carcassonne and The Princes of Florence are some of our oldest games. Though, we did swap our original Machi Koro for the Bright Lights, Big City version. We found that you could sort of “break” the original by just stacking up a lot of the same number, and waiting for the the number to hit. Wingspan and Prophecy are some of our newest, both bought as gifts over the last year. We’ve considered getting the European expansion for Wingspan, but the core game come with so many cards already. We’ve played the core game a few times and still find it to be fresh and engaging.

We’ve enjoyed discovering new games on Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. We’ve learned and played a new game or two every week. We first played It’s A Wonderful World on TTS, and liked it so much that we ordered a copy the next day.


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