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Countdown to Gen Con 2020: 120 – 111

By now, we’ve all sunk into our at-home routines (for work and gaming) and continue to wait out the pandemic while we count down the days to Gen Con 2020. Due to upturned schedules and plans, it hasn’t always been easy to keep up with the posts. We’ve been very fortunate to have jobs that transitioned to remote work, and good health to enjoy while we stay at home. The consistency of the countdown has been helped to mark the days, and remind us to look forward to the future.

Games Featured:

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is one of our newest games. We like that the box includes a separate scorepad for solo play, with 48 unique sheets. This keeps solo play interesting and engaging, and highlights how much versatility roll & writes can offer. The downside is that only one of each sheet is provided, and you cannot buy replacement pads. And, keeping track of all the resources while playing gets a bit confusing… So we use page protectors to write with a dry erase board, and grab components from another game to help keep track.

Overall, we don’t much like Munchkin, feeling about the same as discussed during this week’s On Board Games podcast episode. But, the Harry Potter theme makes it all a bit more palatable, the mischief more enjoyable, and gives us yet another opportunity to cheer for our respective houses.

We’ve been considering combining a lot of these small box games into some sort of storage system. Captain’s Wager, Fidelitas, Thief’s Market, Fantasy Realms, Zombie Dice and Unstable Unicorns could all fit together in a relatively small box. There’s something so sentimental about keeping the boxes, though.

Get Bit!, Zombie Dice, and Jenga Tetris are some of our older games. They are all a bit silly, but at least one of us likes each one enough to keep it around. Jenga Tetris is a rather ridiculous implementation of Jenga, since the blocks are all different sizes. But, it’s a great game to have on the shelf to entertain younger gamers (aka toddlers).



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