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Countdown to Gen Con 2020: Days 140 to 131

The world has changed a lot in the last ten days. We’ve seen a lot of people rediscovering board games as a way to pass time while other activities are suspended. Pandemic has re-entered the hotness on BGG and is holding steady as shelter-in-place orders ripple across the country.

For now, Gen Con is still scheduled for July 31 – August 2, 2020. If is postponed, or even outright canceled for a year, we will keep counting down until the next Gen Con.

Games Featured:

We’ve suspended our regular weekend GameDay, so this week we dipped into our photo archives to fill out the countdown. Eight-Minute Empire: Legends is once we haven’t played in maybe a year? But it’s so small and fun that we keep it around. Century: Golem Edition is one we play in-between heavier games. While it’s the same as the regular Century Spice Road, the theming and gems are so delightful that we’ll be buying the Century Golem – Eastern Mountains to match it.

Forbidden Sky, Kanagawa, Qwirkle, and Lewis & Clark were all games that did not make it through our winter tidying. We sold a good number of games to Half Price Books… and immediately spent the cash on more games. One of those games was Marvel Champions. We bought it in spite of Shut up and Sit Down’s review, since we had a coupon to get it new for 50% off.

We played Morels, Tiny Epic Defenders, and Dice Throne a couple weeks back at Doughnuts and Dragons. Morels is a walk in the woods, collecting and cooking up sets of fungi. Tiny Epic Defenders is.. well, explained in the title. Dice Throne is a super-powered dice fight with lots of individual characters with their own styles and strengths.



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