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Countdown to Gen Con 2020: Days 160 to 151

The countdown continues on our Instagram, where we’re featuring a board game along with the number of days remaining until Gen Con. We’ve been tidying our collection, taking the “joy-less” ones to Half Price Books… and buying more games 😃

Games Featured:

Escape, Agra, Dojo Kun, and Attack on Titan were all Half Price Books finds. It’ll take a few more plays to know if they are keepers. Mexica, Dice Forge and Puerto Rico are all games that made it through our tidying test.

Despite how highly Terraforming Mars is on the BGG ranking… we don’t exactly love it. But, it’s also so new to us that we can’t be sure yet if it brings us joy. We’ve played How to Rob a Bank a bit more, and will be staying in our collection for now. We love Dice Forge so much that we bought the Rebellion expansion.

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