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Pandemic Legacy: April

April started calmly, but we had a legacy deck card to overturn after the second outbreak, and it was a big one.
We learned about faded, which are not zombies, but are practically zombies. Tons of new rules were added, new figurines uncovered, and new stickers for denoting faded cities. If the legacy deck does not turn the tides in our favor soon, this may not be a world worth saving.
We did not have an faded incidents, but we did not win our first attempt at this month. It will be practically impossible to not have faded appear in the second half of the month, since there are no more black cubes. And, if the faded outbreak, every city it outbreaks into becomes a faded city henceforth, whether it was black to begin with or not.

Late April

At least we’ll be starting May with 4 funded events.

We did not win our second attempt at April. We were able to keep the faded contained to the Middle East, but most of the cities are now marked as faded. We’ll have to keep a close watch on the border cities next month, to make sure the faded don’t spread to other regions.

There may have been more that we could have done, but when you have un-treatable zombie-like invasions, there’s only so much that can be done.

We’ve also gotten a little more lazy about filling out all the documentation as time has gone on. I guess that’s just the pressure of trying to save the world setting in.

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