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GameDay Recap, 10/9

Aaron and Jason started their brew-off early Sunday morning.

Jason was so excited to start brewing that he left every door to his car open in the driveway.

This was the first time the guys brewed seperately. They are both making porters, but Aaron’s secret ingredient is Dulce de Leche, while Jason’s secret ingredient is cocoa.

They both stared down their creations as they brewed.

Kellye unboxed some of the new games from the Target B2G1F sale, including Castles of Mad King Ludwing and Five Tribes.

With the Colts game in the background, we first played The Grizzled. It’s a simple to learn and relatively quick co-op game, with a bleak theme. You are playing as actual soldiers from World War one, trying to survive your missions without dying.

We played Colt Express next, a wild west, programmed action game. Each person plays as a wild west outlaw, trying to steal the most loot while evading capture and gunfire on a train headed west.

Last, we played the second half of April in Pandemic Legacy. Needless to say, the world is is pretty bad shape, and the middle east is a mess.

We had a ton of snacks with a bit of fall theme, including a sampler pack from Sam Adams. This bonfire blone is like drinking a campfire, in the best way possible.

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