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Pandemic Legacy: February


We didn’t intend to immediately play the second month, but after finishing January strong we couldn’t help ourselves.

We learned that Tikka MaSARS could not be treated or cured, and opened a ton of dossiers.


We gained the ability to quarantine cities, and uncovered characters relationships. This immediately lead to a fight about when and how we should use them.


We ultimately settled that the quarantine specialist, Collen Case,  and the medic, Kev,  were rivals. Perhaps most intriguing, we all received an additional card filled with blank action slots.


We had a loose interpretation on the quarantine specialist’s rules, so she was dropping quarantines EVERYWHERE. We hit two epidemics very quickly, and felt the weight of the Legacy as we tried to keep the mid east from dissolving into chaos.


Nothing had been cured yet, but the mid east was calm due to Kev and Colleen fighting to be most influential in the area.We kept the outbreaks down, but then again we were unknowingly breaking the rules quite a bit. Szechuan Chicken Pox was cured first and we were quickly gathering steam. Before we knew it, we cured all three treatable diseases without any outbreaks.


This is about the time when we had a lengthy discussion about whether or not we actually “won” considering we played incorrectly, and what we should do about it. The game allows you to adjust your difficulty by how many funded events you have. Every win removes two from your deck, and every loss adds two. We decided that we should take the win but not adjust the terms. Even though we may have lost without our advantage, we were left with an easy board as a result – no areas became unstable in the month of February.

We know that going into the next month we expect things to crash and burn, and though that is frightening, we think it will add to the fun.

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