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GameDay Recap: 8/28


Our usual game day spot is being renovated, so we went with a construction theme this week. We’re horrible at executing our themes, though. We ended up continuing Pandemic Legacy, which technically does include building structures.

We gifted Jason Castle Dice for his birthday and played that as well. The construction theme came through the strongest on the build your own taco bar, but we were too busy eating it to take any pictures of its decadence.


We have a spoiler-filled description of our Pandemic Legacy games elsewhere, but in summary: we fought a lot. We used this free app called Chwazi to break a stalemate when we were split how we should use an event card. We also used it to determine who went first. The app can also break people into groups of whatever size you determine.

We are mostly flexitarians, so our taco bar ran the gamut of omnivore to vegan options. We had regular ground beef as well as Beyond Meat, and standard shredded cheese along side Daiya. The vegan cheese was passable when added to a taco, but the beefy crumble was hard to distinguish as an imposter.

Castle Dice is a game with a little bit of everything. There are dice, resources, animals, cards, workers, barbarians….

It was definitely hard to keep everything straight, let alone figure out a strategy. Everyone has their own dice to roll, but those dice get combined into a pool for everyone to draw from in order.


Drawing these dice allow you to get resources for your castle. Then there’s also livestock, which affect things like turn order and hand size. Sometimes there’s a festival, when takes away full sets of livestock. Then there’s victory points, which can come from the castle you build or your villagers or your farm animals… anyways, Jason had a commanding lead and Aaron had a fantasy draft to attend, so we ended the game one round early.

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