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Pandemic Legacy: Briefing


We’ll be chronicling our progress as we play Pandemic Legacy.


Here’s our startup info:

We named the diseases after these internationally-themed Lays chips:

Brazilian Picanarhea
Schezuan Chicken Pox
Tikka MaSars

Here are our starting team:


No one likes Kev. Kev refers to himself in third person. Kev does crossfit. Kev will add any suffix to his own name. Kev is a bro without limits. That said, Kev is very good at his job, which is his only redeeming quality. It’s hard to understand how this deep compassion for the well-being of those suffering incorporates into the rest of his horrible personality. But that’s Kev.

General List

Surely General List has a first name, but no one knows what that is. Surely General List had a childhood, but no one knows where that happened, or what it was like. Surely General List is not a highly advanced cyborg… right? The only thing we know for certain about General List is that no one hate Kev more.


Bubbly and optimistic, Penny’s penchant for horoscopes and celebrity gossip don’t fit the stereotype of a scientist. Perhaps this unique perspective is precisely why she is able to bring creative solutions to the table. After beginning a successful career in pharmaceutical sales (after an unsuccessful career as an actress) Penny chose to become a scientist, like her husband Leonard.

Jemma Simmons

As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma does not have much time to devote to the Pandemic Team. Though the role was only meant to serve as her civilian cover, she cant resist the temptation to help cure the world’s most aggressive diseases in her downtime.

Discovering just how much was in the box was a surprise. Of course, a lot of those things would remain a surprise until we actually played. There were Dossiers:

A ludicrous amount of stickers:
All plastic pieces, the regular cards and an extra deck with a cautionary STOP:
And finally, a whole next of secret boxes. Like kids on Christmas we shook each one to glean info about it’s contents, and they were wildly inconsistent.  Some were heavy, some were light, some were loud, some were silent.


We’ll be continuing to chronicle our playthrough for this game under the tag Pandemic Legacy, which will be full of spoilers. Knowing what happens will make the game a little less exciting, but it won’t ruin the experience. We’re already thinking we’ll buy it again.

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