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Pandemic Legacy: January


There was lots of rules-reading and general fawning over what we were starting. The book warned us that we would be revealing and destroying parts of the game as we played. We all cringed at the though of having to rip up pieces of the game. We immediately opened something we shouldn’t have, and I nearly destroyed the Legacy Deck, which serves as a story line that guides you as you play.


We were all experts at pronouncing dossier before we actually opened any, which proved more exciting than we expected. It’s like an advent calendar of gaming, with surprises behind every door.


January started simple enough: cure the diseases. We had less characters to pick from then normal, with one generalist offering no abilities but tons of potential. The middle-east quickly became unstable, leaving the area scared with stickers. We were able to isolate the threat quickly, but the disease mutated.


It took a bit of global logistics, but we were able to get everything cured and met our objective. We had to tear up the first objective card, which was the first piece of the game we had to destroy.


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