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GameDay Recap 8/14


The weather restructured our day a bit, so we started with games instead of brewing first. We played the next month in Pandemic Legacy, which went about how we expected.

After leaving the world in peril, Aaron and Jason began brewing beer and the rest of us tried out Escape: the curse of the temple. Escape is a fast paced, co-op, dice rolling, tile laying game. Yes, there is a lot going on, and you have only 10 minutes – 10 real world minutes – to make it out. It’s a loud and stressful frenzy, as we tried to devise strategies and cooperate on the fly. There’s a good chance that at any one time we were not playing the game correctly, but that did not diminish the fun we had.


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There are five different icons on your d6: a man, a torch, a key, a black mask, and a gold mask. The man, torch, and key all help you to explore the temple and ultimately escape. The black mask locks your die when rolled, and can only be unlocked with a gold mask. If you end up rolling all black dice, another player has to come to your rescue. If they are too far away, or if everyone is locked, a gem is added to your load, making it harder to escape the temple.

At certain points, everyone has to return to the main room. The game comes with a soundtrack that also works as you timer. Plenty of remixes have been made online. We like the yackety sax version, which was easier to make out while we were shouting.

It’s a great game to play  as a break in-between longer games, because of the fixed length and quick action. It seems like it could have been a micro game, but comes in a huge box. It’s also a little more expensive than I expected, but it’s unique and has a lot of replay value. There are also expansions to help add variety once you have your temple-escaping down to a science.

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