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GameDay Recap: 7/17

The Legacy awaits us, and we aspire to be the greatest epidemiologist the game Pandemic has ever seen. Trouble is, we lose. Often.

Once again we tried to eradicate four scourges plaguing our planet:

Do we have what it takes to save humanity? Our team of four rose to meet the challenge of keeping four diseases at bay while discovering their cures:

The fate of humanity is in our hands!

We started strong, and with a stream of non-stop #mondaymotivation tweets were able to cure and eradicate A Case of the Mondays.
Though we eradicated A Case of the Mondays, a depressive rash of I Can’t Think of Anything Funny broke out in the East.
Backyard Uranitis remained highly active in Santiago, while SVEN continued to plague the Middle East. It is believed SVEN’s foothold in the area increased during Ramadan, due to post-sundown binge eating.
Despite advancements in disease outbreak forecasting, Delhi was overwhelmed by SVEN. Restaurant discovery websites such as Zomato and saw an unrepresented rise in Delhi dessert searches.
We cured Backyard Uranitus, but were struggling to overcome the remaining diseases. Applause erupted when we were able to avoid a cascade of outbreaks.
We strategized diligently to eliminate SVEN. Though it served to hone our skills, we unintentionally stumbled into the cure.
Time was running out as I Can’t Think of Anything Funny continued to ravage Asia. We scrambled to contain the outbreaks, and managed to discover a last minute cure.


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